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The Manager's Toolkit is a library of proven intervention and facilitation tools, techniques, methods, models, and information to help companies and individuals achieve their highest potential.

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Membership grants you the right to USE AND TEACH ALL of Mac's powerful tools including his most impactful signature tools:
  • Ladder of Commitment®
  • Strategic Logics®
  • Eight Core Competencies of ManagementTM
  • 4S Service StandardsTM
  • Consistent Service Model®
  • Six Block ModelTM
  • Field of PlayTM
  • Black, Green, Red Zones of Empowerment
  • Valid or Personal
  • Two Path ModelTM


Company Growth & Profitability

  • Clear vision, mission, values, and strategies
  • Efficient and effective work processes
  • Increased quality and consistent service delivery
  • Everyone doing the right things for the right reasons

Focused and Effective Teams

  • Cross-functional communication, cooperation, and coordination
  • Mutual and reciprocal trust, respect, confidence, and support
  • Clear goals, roles, expectations, boundaries, and authority
  • Everyone stepping forward together to achieve productive results

Positive and Engaging Culture

  • Highly-supportive, high-performing work environment
  • Talented and inspired executives, managers, and supervisors
  • Workforce capable of effectively adapting to market changes
  • 100% effort from 100% of your people 100% of the time

Lifetime Application and Benefit

  • Easily recall and use in your daily interactions
  • Apply the tools in both your professional and personal life
  • Assimilate into your management philosophies and practices
  • Naturally apply with new teams, organizations, or positions

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Here's What Users of the Tools are Saying!

We have helped hundreds of business owners, executives, and managers. Here are what a few say:

Janet Cataldo

Vice President, Sales Force Effectiveness at Optum

"His messages resonate and stay with you for a very long time because they are relevant and can be applied as readily to life as to business."

Rick Fields

SVP of Casino Operations at Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino (MGM Resorts)

"Mac’s Accountability Workshop is the only training I have personally seen that raises the bar on service, accountability, and leadership."

Lori Sundberg

SVP, Human Resources, and Ethics at Arizona Public Service - APS

The Ladder of Commitment is a very helpful tool to establish an environment for high performance."

David F. Miller

General Manager at Missouri Athletic Club

"I have personally witnessed how these tools positively change the entire culture of an organization. Incredible things are possible if you utilize Mac’s resources."

Craig Ghelfi

Senior Managing Director at Conway MacKenzie & Dunleavy

"Mac's programs significantly changed the way our organization communicated and managed. His book "Stepping Forward Together" opened my eyes to the best ways of relating to subordinates, peers, and superiors."

Steve Neely

General Manager at Rolling Hills Casino

"As a result of our Strategic Logics session, we developed a comprehensive plan that led to the largest percentage increase in our company's history and allowed a new and old team to come together."

Paul Hobson

President, SAHARA Las Vegas

"Whether diagnosing operating problems, identifying business opportunities, or providing management training, Mac provides your team with the tools and the plan for high achievement."

Gerad Hardy

Multi-Property Vice President & General Manager at Penn National Gaming

"Mac’s unique understanding of organizational behavior allows him to take complex issues and problems and translate them into easy-to-understand models that create lasting results."

Todd DeRemer

Sr. VP Casino Ops and Marketing at The Las Vegas Hilton

"I have used Mac's strategic planning as well as leadership accountability programs to implement the changes needed in developing a positive leadership and service culture at multiple properties. In this challenging time for businesses, I feel that the impact of his tools is greater than ever."

Ed Fasulo

President/Chief Operating Officer at Rivers Casino, Pittsburgh

"I have used the Accountability Management, Strategic Logics, Team Building and Ladder of Commitment for many years and with four different companies. These programs have a direct impact on my team members’ personal and professional lives."

Amy Kenney

Marketing and Public Relations at Penn National Gaming

"I knew from that moment I was in for a few days of good solid learning; I opened my mind and dug in! And thank goodness I did because I still, after 3 years, use the tools he gave us; I still have the articles he referenced and the book he wrote on moving a company ahead as a team!"

Pete Castellano

Senior Workforce Performance Consultant at Unifocus

"Read through some of his many books and articles and you will get remarkable results.  You will have better clarity of purpose in your roles at work AND at home. Your leadership team will better understand their responsibilities to each other as they step forward together toward a common goal. You will find out what really matters to be an effective manager."

Organizations that have experienced our tools:

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